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Human Landscapes 2007

Human Landscapes 2007

Díptico 2013

Díptico 2013

La Interna II 2005-2006

La Interna II 2005-2006

Encuentros 2005

Encuentros 2005

La Interna Trio 2008

La Interna Trio 2008

Le Voyage 2003

Le Voyage 2003

Contemporary Dance Center

Lessons & Works

"I believe in the integration of technique and emotion in a performer..."

About Danzalterna

Gabriela Zuarez

Dance Teacher, maker and dramaturge

In 1994 she started working as a dancer with the theatre-dance company Teatro Fantástico de Buenos Aires and also became staff dance teacher at the former National Dance Academy II in Buenos Aires. Since 2000 Gabriela has been a free-lance dancer and choreographer realizing her own independent productions in The Netherlands and founding the company El Sur Mundo Project-Performing Arts- in 2001. She has created and produced a number of dance works and she has been teaching at important art institutions in the country. Since 2007 and under the umbrella of foundation Dance-Theatre Development Gabriela has developed a number of exchanges and research projects in The Netherlands and in Argentine. As part of her dramaturgy expertise she attended assignments at companies such as Scapino Ballet in Rotterdam, Introdans in Arnhem, the Choreography department at Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten and at Korzo Theatre Productiehuis in The Hague.

She is currently has been developing a workplace for dance practice Danzalterna, Contemporary Dance Centre with the support of the city council of Amersfoort.


In her interdisciplinary work-mode she approaches the creative research on interculturalism as base for dance and theatre creation. She has an anthropological vision regarding the cultural aspect of the dancing body and of the movement. In her work, she assumes the Tango as an internal element of dance language and she rather performs at non traditional spaces or attempts to implement different spatial perspectives for the viewer. The strongest characteristics of her work are: spatiality, technical fusion and emotion as movement sources.


El Sur Mundo Project


El Sur Mundo Project started in 2001, as a laboratory of dance makers and performers conformed by Argentinian - Dutch dancers, leaded by Gabriela Zuarez. El Sur Mundo Project -Performing Arts- proposal holds an interdisciplinary and intercultural profile as dance performance group. It researches on the fusion and connections of contemporary dance with theatre and cultural devices as language, gestural behaviour, codes, 'tempo', exploring the layers destiling from tango culture as performative elements. The contemporary concept of performance is foregrounded in the emphatization of localism, as phenomenical element attempting to the construction of dance performance and a new authentic dramaturgy. El Sur Mundo Project company has been performing at the alternative and independent circuit of theatres, cultural festivals and congresses, theatre and dance venues, principally in Holland and Argentina, Germany and Greece. more...


My mission


Through my experience as dancer and performer around the world, I discovered the importance of body and what I offer in my dance and yoga teachings is firstly to connect deeply with the own body, to become aware of it with clarity. For that I have implemented the movement, dance and yoga principles creating a teaching method that would be equally valid for everyone: professionals dancers, movers and not professionals.

The essence of dance and movement in any field is the essence of the body. What students learn is to discover, to enlarge the bodily understanding and the physical intelligence and how to use those to relate, to interact, to move and ultimately: to perform. In our society we, as a bodies, are in a constant state of performing either in our daily-life or in our work context and as well during a professional performance on the stage.

″There is only one body, consequently: one individual being. The seek for that sense of uniqueness in the mover is a distinctive point in my pedagogic work. When I teach, I search for a natural technique, physically intensive and with emotional fluidity at the same time."

"I believe in the integration of technique and emotion in a performer and I believe that every person settles intuitive strategies to learn to move, to dance, to perform and to express him/ herself. That is the dance practice's work!″

Theatre productions


  • La Interna -Trio 2008

  • La interna II 2005 - 2006

  • Encuentros 2005

  • Human Landscapes 2007

  • Le Voyage 2003

  • Tangos Imaginarios 2002-2003

  • La Fiesta 2001-2002

  • Human Landscapes 2000-2001

  • In the shadow of the light 2000

  • Somewhere... my life 2000

  • Résumé II 2011

  • Díptico 2013

  • Teatro Fantástico de Buenos Aires 1994-1998

Dance Lessons
Contemporary dance training


This integrative dance training has a professional level and is aiming to accurate a physical work-out, the development of movement dynamics, coordination, the enlargement of the creative dancer's/mover's development and self-support. This training system works from off a body-mind perspective and is based on combined use of dance techniques such us Graham, Release, Floor work and Bio- mechanique of Ballet. The whole lesson is influenced by the Yoga discipline. The training implements, as well, devices as improvisation, composition and theatre. Target group: It is a goal of the lesson to make the dance reachable and achievable to every motivated person about movement or dance and there are no limits about age or professionalism; the open perspective and method of the training enables the participation of all type of movers with or without experience in dance. Advancers and professionals: Nevertheless, it is important to know that this integrative dance training has a professional ground and it is conceived principally for movers, dance practitioners, performers, teachers, sporters and actors who seek an intensive physical conditioning and regular exercise of their body. For those movers, dancers and body workers there are other optios for intensive training modes such as: One shoot re-training Yoga & Dance; monthly 10-lessons card and One-year Fee schooling.


The lesson

The dance class approaches ‘movement’ in its widest sense, points out the integration of technique and physical- energetic-creative layers of performers, introduces emotion as movement’s engine researching on aspects of performance and theatricals. Body awareness work is a phase within the lesson, as well the topics weight, gravity, movements dynamics and flow. The training is structured through an ongoing schedule of 1:45 minutes - to 2 hours lessons 2/3 times a week depending of the location. Lessons are intensive and movement sequences are renewed every 4 to 6 weeks. The lessons seek to offer regularity and consistency during the work and enables to the participants the freedom to join the training in different days and locations.


Dancing sessions


Dance teacher and dramaturge in collaboration with the dance participants organizes a monthly event named 'Dancing session' held on the last weekly classed the month. During almost 1:45 hours of an ad-hoc compositional dance session where the dancers under the leading dramaturge, focus on preparing and making-off dances in a sober studio- setting with music and a final exposition for the audience.


The creative dance event are taking place at the last half hour of the regular Danzalterna class-hours on Mondays and Thursdays in Amsterdam and on Saturdays in Amersfoort. All participants who wants to take place in the session must be on time to start the warm-up. Amsterdam and Amersfoortse dance communities, pears, neighbors, friends and family are invited to watch the Dancing session.


Regular Danzalterna participants can make use of the regular strippen-card of single lessons.

No regular or new participants may register till day before the session and those must purchase the ticket via the website.


You can buy your strippencards and single lessons in our ticketshop

Timetable & Location

De Danswerkplaats Amersfoort


Regular lesson

Saturday: 10:30-12:15 hours


Oude Fabriekstraat 20,

3812 NR  Amersfoort


Location Amsterdam


Regular lessons

Thursday: 18:30-20:15 hours


  • Other training modes for advancers and professionals

One shoot re-training Dance (Monthly)

One shoot re-training Yoga & Dance


10-lessons card (monthly, valid for all locations)

One-year Fee Contemporary dance & Yoga schooling (yoga or dance lessons twice a week in a year in all the locations)


Marcusstraat 50

1091 TK Amsterdam Oost




You can buy your strippencards and single lessons in our ticketshop


Timetable & Location

De Danswerkplaats Amersfoort

Saturday: 09:00-10:15 hours


Oude Fabriekstraat 20,

3812 NR  Amersfoort


Location Amsterdam

Thursday: 16:30-18:00 hours



Marcusstraat 50

1091 TK Amsterdam Oost

Movement & Yoga


It is a primary goal of this Movement & Yoga practice to achieve the internal psycho-physical growing, body awareness, postural balance and physical strength in order to achieve a healthy well-being and in order to prevent the stress effects from modern Western life. This Movement & Yoga practice interlaces movement techniques as Alexander, Euthony, Feldenkreis and Pilates together with the basic Yoga principles coming out of different sources of the Yoga discipline as Hatha, Kundalini and other Yoga forms. Therefore this practice is not seeking to respect one-line technical concept about body, movement or Yoga but rather to gather body-mind-center concepts together with the Yoga concepts (where the body, chakras and the spiritual are the pillars) enhancing a complete practice open to all type of participants and all types of bodies. Target group Movement & Yoga practice is suitable for people of all ages and there is special attention and corrections for everyone during the lesson.


The lesson

The structure of this Movement & Yoga practice has been implemented in a simple, basic and dynamic way. This practice has two important objectives, the first is to achieve to the complete body-awareness of the practitioner. At this point, the development of the breathing through different types of breathing exercises plays a fundamental role in the practice, as well as the recognition and relation among the body centers and chakras. The second important objective of this practice is the development of sense of gravity and weight of the body by the practitioner and to use the movement in absolute connection of the breathing to pass through one position to another position -Asanas-. The lesson aims, as an ultimate goal, an integral physical conditioning regarding the development of a meditative aptitude during the work.

Yoga Lessons
Buy your Tickets and strippen cards



To benefit from it just purchase your annual or 3-months fee via the webshop before 5th September.

Promotional discount on the regular courses for students registering to a 1-year (10% discount) or 3-months course (5% discount).



First trial lesson € 15,-
Single lesson € 13,50-
Year fee € 312,- per year (€ 7,50 p/class) This includes 1 yoga or dance class p/week at one location through the whole year. Total 42 lessons p/year
3-months Fee € 161,00- per 3 months (11,50 p/class)
This fee includes 1 the yoga or dance class p/ week at one location during three months. Periods of three months have 14 lessons total.



10-lessons card € 75,00-  per month (7,50 per lesson)
That includes both all the yoga and the dance lessons during 1 month in all the locations in Amersfoort and/ or Amsterdam.

One-year Fee Contemporary dance & Yoga schooling € 500

Two Dance and/ or Yoga lessons per week during the whole year.

To be announce:

"One shoot re-training dance" Training Workshop once a month.

"One shoot re-training Yoga & Dance" Two lessons (1 yoga+ 1 dance) Weekly, once a week.

Body, dance and performance

One-and-a-half week workshop-production


“It is not a pré to be a former dancer but it is a pré to love dance”



Location Amersfoort

De Danswerkplaats

Oude Fabriekstraat 20

3812 NR Amersfoort

Location Amsterdam

Marcusstraat 50 1091 TK Amsterdam Oost

(Studio Marci Panis)

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